links i love

5 of the best links from this week via

  1. a “why didn’t i think of that” tip in the smoothie-making department. i utilized this tip yesterday.
  2. facebook’s new gender options. and why it matters.
  3. this mixture of gold + green is lovely. here’s how to make your own.
  4. beautiful living room tour. a home I wouldn’t mind calling my own (by Jennifer Holmes of Dear Lillie).
  5. garbanzo beans + pistachios + goat cheese? mmmm… this sounds totally delish.

it’s funny how my definition of ‘a fun weekend’ has changed now that I have 3 kids. sleeping in {which doesn’t really happen, but I just like the sound of it}, drinking coffee, organizing something for the 17th time, going for a run, having friends over…this is my idea of a good time.

also, we’re having a group of junior highers over this weekend for dinner & a game/movie night. so yes, I think our weekend will be quite lovely.
so, what are your plans for the weekend?