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Hello, lovelies. This week, I must have been hungry. Or something. Maybe I just tried a lot of good food this week.

Anyway, I decided to share 5 foodie links with you today. I have made every single one of these recipes. And deemed them all worthy of sharing. And re-making.
May you leave hungrier than you came.5 of my fave foodie links


  1. As I type, this Garlic Herb Braid is baking. And smelling absolutely delicious. I love serving this with pasta dishes. Or tomato soup.
  2. I just made a double batch of these granola bars on Wednesday. This time I used dried cranberries & sliced almonds as my mix-ins. This recipe uses brown sugar & chocolate chips, so if that’s not your jam, you might want to skip it. It is, however, totally my jam.
  3. I have only one word for these pecan pie bars: insane. And by that I mean, insanely good. I made these for Thanksgiving. And again at Christmas. And they’re totally worth making again.
  4. Baked Potatoes, anyone? Rubbed in olive oil & sea salt, I’ve eaten several potatoes this week. Bake several at once – and you’ve just made some fabulous future lunches. I also made these to go along with recipe #5.
  5. Sooooo…I secretively bought some super nice steaks last year and froze them. Then on Tuesday night, I used this method to cook the steaks and surprised my guy with a special dinner. Lemme tell ya…it was a hit. Both the surprise part and the steaks. I was a leetle scared about cooking such nice meat because I thought I might ruin it. But this method steered me right. Plus I used an extra 4 tablespoons of butter. I mean, seriously – why skimp when you’re cooking a special dinner? I have no answer. And so I didn’t skimp.

Are you hungry yet? If you want even more recipe ideas, I just started a new board on Pinterest – only for recipes I’ve actually made & will make again! Follow me here!

Happy weekend, friends!



  1. I was just browsing your “food I have tried “board on Pinterest. When life gets back to normal here in a few weeks, I have some definite work and repair to made in the kitchen and in my cooking skills, variety of meals, trying new things, etc. One of my personal goals this week. So I think I need to pin every one of these cause they look AMAZING!

    Definitely saving the steak one for Valentine’s! We usually do a quiet dinner in on Valentine’s day cause it is usually crazy out and celebrate with a dinner out on my birthday 5 days before Valentine’s. So THAT steak is my plan for Valentines’ – yum! And maybe the baked potatoes and the bread too 😉

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