links i love

5 of the best links from this past week!


  1. A fuzzy tree tutorial – easy enough to whip out in 15 minutes.
  2. I love a sweet + salty combination, so these Chocolate Turtle Cookies are right up my alley. I refuse to make them unless we’re having friends over … otherwise I will eat them all.
  3. I have a feeling my kids would love this foaming dough. On my list to try for next week…
  4. Homemade Peppermint Mocha creamer? Yum. Great in my coffee or as a gift!
  5. I absolutely¬†love Emily’s Christmas home tour. It’s Christmas-sy, yet calm. I want to move in.

In case you’re wondering…I am still doing this. And have been every day of December. I’m taking 10 days for each level, so I just switched to level 2 on Wednesday, the 11th. My shoulders are killing me. I need someone to share my misery with, so…you’re it. Despite the pain, I’m pretty pleased that I’m actually sticking with my original goal. And I’m also pleased that I’m doing it during the last month of the year instead of putting it off til 2014. It also makes me way more careful {read: picky} with the sweets I eat. Because I don’t want to just shove m&m’s in my mouth when the workout I did that morning is still fresh in my mind.

Anyway…I hope you have a lovely, pain-free, sweets-eating weekend. Eat a few m&m’s for me, will ya?






p.s. Yep…it’s still there.