Let’s Talk About My Family

During the Reader Survey, many of you mentioned that you’d like to see more posts and pictures about my family.

I don’t share a lot of family updates here, but I do frequently share pictures (like here) and quotes on facebook (like this one) :

Because you asked for more family updates, I’ve really considered whether or not to make this place more of an ‘online journal.’ Something I could look back on in the future to read funny things my kids said, see their sweet pictures, and remember just how we did life with 3 little munchkins.

And I’ve decided against it. It’s not that I don’t want to share about my family. They’re my favorite people in the world and I love talking about them! But for several reasons, I’ve just decided not to make this space such a personal, share-everything site.


There is a place where I do share more personal posts – of my family, food, and other random life events.

Meet Instagram.

I love instagram because I get so much inspiration from it AND I love looking back at the pictures I shared! It’s like seeing my month at a glance.

Here’s January & February via instagram:

jan jan feb feb

And sometimes I share snippets of life, like this gem about my husband.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of family updates, pictures, and other random life events like the one above, you can find it all right here!

Are you on instagram? Who are some of your favorites to follow?