let’s talk about books.

Although I have not created a book list for 2015 or even made a goal for how many books to read, this fact remains: I’m actually still reading. Shocker, I know.

I’ve read several books lately that are just too interesting not to share, so I’m declaring this to be book week. I even created a graphic to celebrate the occasion.

book week2

It’s a perfect time for it, of course, as there are still a few solid weeks of summer left. But then, it’s always a perfect time for book week in my opinion.

Here’s how I’ll break it down:

I absolutely love finding new books to read, so I would be thrilled if you could plan to link up a list of your favorite books with me at the end of this series!

I think we’ll be able to fit Book Week into 2 weeks, as long as the fingers keep typing, the babies keep sleeping, the husband keeps studying, and the iced coffee keeps flowing. And we also need the brain to keep working. Critical. But not always possible. Because sometimes it just shuts off and I start acting like a crazy person. You’ve done it too. You know you have. And I realize that fitting it into 2 weeks technically makes it book weekS, not book week. It’s okay. Work with me here.

Book Week(s). Coming to a computer near you. I’ll start off tomorrow with a good old book review + my fave quotes.

book week

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