let’s review, shall we? :: february 2015

Happy almost-March!

February has been a good, full month. I’m really working to enjoy the cold weather, even though a part of me can’t wait for WARM! But the whole snuggling under blankets, drinking hot tea (#6 is my fave!), and enjoying moments like this? Priceless.

Let’s do a review from February, shall we? We started off with a review from the Reader Survey. You guys blew my slippers off with your involvement here and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me in the past few weeks of writing.
state of the blog address

And who can forget the awkward one-armed hug I gave you all? Or maybe you wanted to forget that moment.

state of the blog address

I gave a State of the Blog Address with some of my goals for this year. And added comments back because I truly love hearing from you.


During Friday faves, I shared a home tour, Nester’s bedside box, and a lovely gray dining room. Check them all out here!

charcoal paint

I hosted a Valentine’s Party for my Senior High girls and shared a little picture re-cap here.


One of the most addicting candies ever & I shared the recipe so we could all gain weight together.

rolo pretzel candy

If you want to build your marriage, this is a great place to start. Check out these 9 excellent books:

books to build your marriage

This post caused my saliva glands to work overtime.

21 breakfast ideas for your valentine

Love is dirty – and other thoughts.


With great happiness, I procured a massive storage unit from a local yard sale group. Here are some storage options I’m considering.

13 storage options under 15

Also, in case you’re wondering if my toys are still piled on my guest room bed like I last told you? I packed a bunch of them in a bin I already had and then got rid of a bunch that didn’t fit. Secretly. While my children were sleeping. There’s a free tip for today.

This post of Friday Faves included a free chapter from a marriage book, egg cup recipe, bedroom purging tips, and this highly popular picture as seen on facebook…

Ice. Cold. & Comparisons. thoughts I had while freezing my very southern fingers off in the cold.


Need to re-stock your closet? I shared my 4 ninja tips for getting awesome clothes for cheapitycheap prices.

4 tips to get awesome clothes at cheap prices. love these!

And I was so excited that Money Saving Mom shared the 4 TIPS on her site! A big welcome to all of you stopping in from her place!

Friday Faves will be back next week – just wanted to do a quickity-quick monthly review in case you missed anything.
I trust you will have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Selma Harris says:

    Thank you so much for this round up post. I did miss your post regarding the 4 ninja tips but after reading today, I am thankful I did!! I am a stay at home on a STRICT BUDGET and I truly need to update my sad wardrobe. I will look into those sites closer. Again Thank you and may God continue to Bless you and your family.

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