Lessons From My Daughter

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Much of my free time this past week was consumed with studying for a Sunday school lesson for my teen girls. One day, my little girl decided she wasn’t tired during naptime. I told her she could bring her books out and sit next to me while I studied. She did pretty well, but kept telling me about Goldilocks. You can imagine how profitable my study time was on that day.

Although I felt well prepared for the class, I began to get nervous Sunday morning as I thought about teaching. So I told my little girl about it while she was eating her oatmeal.

“Honey, Mommy is teaching the teen girls in Sunday school today. I’m a little scared. Maybe after breakfast you & Mommy can pray that Jesus would help me.”

She looked at me and started naming off several of the teens.

A moment later I looked over to see her with bowed head, folded hands, and closed eyes:

“Jesus, help mommy. Scared.”

That’s all it took.

And you know what?

He did.



  1. awww – how sweet! My nieces amaze me (and convict me!) at how specific they pray already at 4 and 2. And usually don’t even have to be told – it is just normal for them to pray about the everyday events going on. Like when we had lunch at Chickfila last week, Lexi (the 4 y.o.) prayed – “Thank you that we can eat at Chickfila even if it doesn’t have a playplace…” ha!

    and when their babysitter recently was gone on a deaf missions trip – she prayed “and help Mrs. Judy as she tells the kids with no ears about God…”

    amazing stuff they come up with πŸ™‚

  2. Elissa Schmid says:

    That is so precious. She is already praying for her mommy. πŸ™‚ The faith of children is incredible!

  3. Rachel says:

    This is such a sweet post! I love the simplicity of a child’s prayer and I’m reminded and convicted time and time again through my own children of how the Lord delights in such child-like faith.

  4. Laine says:

    Love this. =) Recently Levi came up to me and was asking about a man in our church who has been sick and I told him we needed to pray for him. So he stopped what he was doing and prayed, “Jesus, Bro. Dave sick. Help get better. Amen.” When he was done his face was just lit up with a huge smile and he said (more like shouted!), “Mommy, Bro. Dave, all better now!!” Child-like faith is so convicting!!

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