lately. // fall 2015 //

Sometimes I have so many things I want to write about that don’t fit under any normal post. Now is one of those times. And so I present to you 8 things that have been occupying my brain space lately:

// 1 //
Jonathan and I are training for this half marathon. I had the bright idea that we should run it while pushing our kids, so he’s pushing our boys while I push Anna Grace. Because of the rain we’ve had over the past couple weeks, our training has been pretty spotty and I don’t know if we’ll make it. Okay, fine. I don’t know if I’ll make it. I’ve run 3 half marathons before, but I’ve never run a half while pushing a jogging stroller. It’s…hard.

// 2 //
I don’t really dust. Apparently you guys get me on this one.

// 3 //
I have not been a fan of facebook lately because they have all these algorithms or something where they only show certain posts to certain people. Grr. I have, however, been enjoying twitter more than I ever thought I would. I think it’s because I see everything chronologically instead of seeing the same things over and over again. So, don’t be a hater on twitter like I used to be. You might find you actually enjoy it one day.

// 4 //
Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Last week, Anna Grace gave a cheer of delight when she discovered I was making this for dinner. I follow the recipe exactly except I puree the butternut squash (using my immersion blender) because the squash chunks were bringing up the gag reflex from my middle child. And sometimes I throw in some mozzarella cheese in addition to the parmesan. So yummy.

// 5 //
I’ve been enjoying Jamie Ivey’s 31 day series on podcasting. She just admitted that she might not keep writing for 31 days straight, but whatever…I’m sure it will be good whenever she’s able to post.

// 6 //
I just got legit business cards made. It took me way, waaaay too long to get this done because I wanted square cards. So I designed square cards. But then I had issues getting them into the right format to print. So I went with boring rectangular cards. Boring, boring, boring. But whatevs. After all my complaining about them being boring, I actually like them. Here it is, front & back:


Christa Threlfall

The reason I got biz cards is because…

// 7 //
I’m headed to a conference this weekend. Wahoo! It’s geared towards Christian writers/bloggers and I am going with a desire to learn all I can from sessions, workshops, and interactions. With an intention like that, I think I’m setting off on a pretty great foot. I mean, even if things aren’t what I expect, I can still learn from them, right? And while we’re on the topic of intentions…

// 8 //
Our Life. Intentionally. series is going strong. Have you missed an episode? You can catch them all right here.


That’s it. 8 things that have been on my mind lately. And you? How’s your fall 2015 shaping up?


  1. I don’t dust either. except when company is coming which might be 2-3 times a year. 🙂 Unless when vacuuming brushing your hand across pieces of furniture and letting it fall in the floor and then vacuuming it up counts – lol.

    Love the business cards!! Can’t wait to hear all about your conference – so excited you get to go.

    And enjoying your Living Intentional series – it has been helpful (and entertaining!) 🙂

  2. Christa says:

    that totally counts in my book. 😉 haha! I’ve never tried that method, but I’m definitely going to add it to my arsenal. 😀

    THANK YOU for your kind words about my biz cards & the Intentional series!! You are a great cheerleader!

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi Christa,

    Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your Life. Intentionally. series – I’m in the UK so I watch it on Katch afterwards and it’s been great so far. Your tips about listening were spot on – I’m a really bad listener so I’ll definitely be putting them into practice!


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