Kids’ Room :: Global Adventure

It was probably about 6 months ago when Jonathan and I re-painted our kids’ room. You might remember this flowering branch wall art I created for my little girl several years ago? Yeah. I was over it. So we solved that by painting over it and placing our Ikea storage unit where the wall art + changing table used to be. I sold my changing table about a year ago in favor of getting something higher + with more storage space.

A couple weeks ago, I realized I had never hung any art in my kiddos’ room. The realization was so slow in part because of the map mural on one wall + built-in cabinets on another wall. So really, there’s not a lot of room for wall art. However, I did want to do something in there to try to pull some sort of theme together.

I already have the map mural + the blue & pink curtains I made a while ago. So I decided to run with a sort of global travel theme with an emphasis on the color blue and a little pink thrown in. So here’s what I came up with:

inspiration -- kid design

storage unit // canvas cube // globe
wall art // growth chart // map mural

 I also have a cross-stitch piece my Grandma made. I absolutely treasure it and love that it fits with the theme:


I linked to the growth chart ruler from Hobby Lobby, but I actually made my own using a piece of wood, stain and a sharpie because I’m so incredibly high tech. I completely got the inspiration from Hobby Lobby, though, so I thought I’d link to theirs in case you want to buy/make one of your own.

A sweet friend gave us this globe from their homeschooling days. It was such a timely gift because I had just been thinking how much I wanted to get a globe – for educational purposes and because I think globes add an instant cool factor to anything.

So the only “art” I ended up buying was this canvas print below. I spotted it several months ago at Hobby Lobby and absolutely loved it. {I even attempted to create my own via chalk + my driveway.} I waited until the canvas was 50% off and used a gift card from my credit card points. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?? I also mentioned several times to Jonathan how patient I was being throughout this whole “waiting for the gift card and sale” process. I decided if I was going to be patient I might as well try to get some credit out of it. ahem.


This canvas makes me happy every time I look at it. Be brave, strong & courageous – seek adventure and truth!
I want my kids to learn that being brave and courageous in Christ is the absolute best way to live. And what better way for them to learn that lesson than to see their parents seeking to live by faith & according to the truth in God’s Word. Now that’s what I call adventure!


  1. Sooo… I have that very canvas sitting in my 2nd bedroom (aka: Dakota’s room) waiting for me to paint the room and figure out if and where I can use it. I LOVED it too when I saw it. Thought it was perfect for a boy’s room or really a child’s room too. 🙂

    So I love your mood board – but I want to see pictures of the room! No fair teasing us! 😉 And see that growth chart too! Hope you post it soon 🙂

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