July Happenings

I feel like I was just writing the recap of May & June and now it’s the last day of July?!?! How on earth did that happen? Also, just in case anyone was wondering…5 months from now will be the last day of 2013. Just wanted to share that little tidbit of information.

A lot has happened in July – not only on the blog, but also in my family. Our schedule is getting a bit back to normal – now that our “summer traveling” days are over. I tell ya – there’s no place like home. Jonathan is taking seminary classes again this semester – 12 credits this time {yowza} – so we have approximately 2 weeks of freedom before school starts. I’m going to enjoy every second before the deadlines begin again!

On to the blog happenings! I finally stopped torturing you and just showed you the before & after of my home’s curb appeal. Thanks so much for all your kind words about it. You guys are seriously awesome!

before and after2

I shared 5 of my favorite things, including something to eat, listen to, wear, & read. Here’s one of them:out the door

Operation: add more color to my living room is still in progress. Here’s where I’m at so far: {click here for the progress report}


Anna Grace has been doing so well with her Bible memory. Here’s a review of one of the books we’ve used with her:

My ABC Bible Verses

We spent a week taking our teens & junior campers to a camp in Brevard, NC. I found these 2 crazies while we were there:


Going through a trial? Here’s something to hang on to


I just folded a mountain of laundry today. Here are 6 things I do to make it enjoyable!

make laundry fun

I’ve been sharing 5 of my fave links lately. {Do you like seeing these? Please tell me yay/nay in the comments!} Definitely check this one out and sign up for a FREE drink from Dunkin’ Donuts!

link love

In which I share a personal story involving Aldi, kisses from strangers, and Jesus:

you are the light

What do you do with an old bottle & a bunch of glitter? Put ’em together, of course! Here’s my loverly glitter bottle and a how-to so you can make your own!


glitter bottle6

I have yet to make any of the recipes below, however I did purchase the ones for the strawberry & cream bars. Oh yum. I can almost taste them.

numbered links

My friends, if you haven’t entered this giveaway yet…well, I don’t know whether to encourage you to do so or to leave the chances higher for those who already entered. So…do what you wish. Just remember to give me part of your gift card if you win. Or at least send me something. A sticker, perhaps? Okay, okay…you can keep the whole $25. 😉

huggies slipons4

That’s a wrap, my friends! What was your favorite post? How about the favorite links posts? Yea/Nay? 

Looking forward to August!




  1. Sarah says:

    I love your monthly recaps! They remind me of things I wanted to remember but didn’t. We bought the ABC Bible verses book and Matt and Christy’s CD today. Hurray!

  2. Sarah says:

    Joel uploaded the coffee break series onto my iPod for me, and I’m enjoying that a ton.
    I love your links! Very fun, good ideas.
    As far as the entry goes, I don’t know why people wouldn’t enter, but I hope they forget to. Hahahaha! 🙂 Thanks for doing that!

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