January in Review

January 2014 is history. Here’s a recap of what happened last month…

Top 10 posts of 2013 – one of which was this hummus recipe. #delish

classic hummus

10 questions to ask yourself in the new year. If you haven’t checked this link out yet, I highly recommend it. Great questions to think through – even though it’s not January 1.

10 Excellent Questions to Ask in the New Year

I’m making monthly goals instead of yearly ones this year. Here are my goals for January:

january goals

Some things I’ve learned about thankfulness:

sometimes all it takes is a little change in perspective to see how much we really have.

5 recipes I’ve made and they’ve all turned out super delicious. In fact, I just made #1 again on Wednesday.

5 of my fave foodie links

A little tour of my master bedroom:


and my bathroom:


If you haven’t made these S’mores in a Pan yet…just do it. I’ve made them 3 times since posting the recipe. The fact that they’re so easy is both a blessing & a curse. Good thing I have some maternity pants in my closet. kidding. kind of. not really. nevermind.

S'mores {in a pan} - 3 ingredients, NO mixing, & only 1 pan for clean-up! Soo delish!!!

something I’ve been meditating on during my day-to-day responsibilities as a wife & momma:

Serve Jesus by serving others.

5 links I love – with #3 coming in with the prize for ‘easiest’ –

5 links i love from this week

I guest posted over at Christina’s blog about how I organize my spices. Lemme tell ya – this has made my cooking/baking life so much easier. Not exaggerating.

LOVE this idea! Organizing your spices using an over the door shoe holder! Perfect for different bottle/jar sizes!

Hello, Craigslist. Let’s be friends.

new couches2

I read a book for pastor’s wives & was greatly encouraged by it. Here’s a review I posted on Leah’s blog:

excellent book written for Pastor's wives - if you're looking for the Biblical definition of a pastor's wife, this is a must read!

I cannot believe I’ve been blogging for 3 years. I should have made a cake for myself.


I have yet to pop the questions from link #1 to my man. He’s been sick this past week, so I decided that was not the greatest timing. But I’m looking forward to talking about them on an upcoming date night.

5 links i love via BrownSugarToast.com

And that’s a wrap!

I don’t know about your week, but this has been an unusual one for us. My man has been sick and home from work for a couple days – which never happens. It has made me super thankful for good health! I’ve also been a hand-washing, vitamin-taking maniac both for myself and my kids. I’m praying we will all stay well & not catch whatever nastiness Jonathan caught. I found a supplement last week that I’ve been giving my 2 older kids. Hoping it keeps them healthy!

How about you? Any sickness floating around? How do you keep your family healthy during this cold/flu season?



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