it all started with a fight

Last week, Jonathan & I celebrated our 6th anniversary. {I shared our meeting/dating story here if you missed it!} I mentioned on instagram that we were going to have a quick 19-hour-getaway to celebrate just the two of us.

The day we left, I was scurrying around tying up loose ends and getting our kids ready to spend the night with some sweet friends. Jonathan had a pretty big day at work too, so we both kinda collapsed into the car as we drove to our date night.

And that’s when it happened. The great fight of 2014.

It was over something relatively small. But of course we both made a big deal about it. Stubbornness meets anger meets pride…you get the picture.

Praise Jesus, He helped us work things out. In fact, this picture was taken approximately 1 hour after the explosion. See? You can’t even tell we had been crying, can you?

Why on earth am I telling you this story?

Because it just re-emphasizes what I said at the end of our dating story:

“When Jonathan and I become selfish and start trying to do things our own way,
things start breaking down.
It’s only when we both, by God’s grace, do this marriage thing in His way that God blesses.”

You know what? God reminded me of those words while we were driving. And I was all, “grrrr…why did I write that?” I guess God knew I would need the reminder later on.

I’m always in need of God’s grace. My marriage & family is always in desperate need of it. And the moment I think things are pretty much perfect is when I need it the most.

I’m so thankful for God’s grace. Let’s depend on it together, okay?