Intentional Marriage

What’s the purpose behind marriage anyway? How does that purpose play out in day to day life?

How do you resolve marriage conflicts? Are there topics that can just be off limits? Why is he so different from me?

What about date nights? How do I even make time for that in my schedule? Or in my budget?

intentional marriage

Listed above are some of the questions Jonathan and I answered during our 31 day “Life. Intentionally.” series. We took 7 nights to talk about different aspects of marriage and explained how we try to be intentional in them. From the purpose of marriage to date nights…from conflict resolution to marriage moments.

We shared on these topics not because we have all our junk together, but because we don’t. And sometimes it’s helpful to hear from someone who’s right in the thick of it, but working hard at it anyway.

We want our marriage to be done God’s way.
And yet we’re not even close to good, much less perfect.
We get angry at each other and fight.
We make out and flirt. <—– {with each other, in case you needed that clarification.}
Most of all, we’re desperate for God’s grace.

If those statements above describe you – either where you are or want to be – you’ll want to catch these videos below:

What’s the Purpose of Marriage? // watch here
How does that urpose play out in real life? // watch here
What about Date Nights? // watch here
2 Keys for Successful Conflict Resolution // watch here
Our Personal Conflict Story… AKA “The Toilet Paper Incident” // watch here
Using Your Words Wisely // watch here
How to Make a “Marriage Moment” // watch here

life intentionally

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