I’m In a Book. NBD.

I’m in a published book.

So yeah.

Wait, what?

Ah yes. All the rumors you’ve heard about my increasing rise to popularity, fame, and great wealth are true. Don’t feel left out if you haven’t heard them yet. Sometimes things take a while to circulate.

ANYWAY. Last week, I received a package in the mail with the aforementioned book enclosed.
And now – I present to you my reaction. In picture form.

my reaction to being in a book...

Did you catch the title of the book? Craft Fail. I got published in a book entitled Craft FAIL. I am such a winner.

Some bloggers get in Better Homes. Others in HGTV. And still others have their words plastered on HuffPost.

I like to think that this book has increased my humility status.

In full disclosure, I was the first one to label this project a fail. I wrote about it {and why sometimes you should not DIY} right here. So it’s not as heartless as it might originally sound. I even gave the link to Heather Mann, the compiler of this new book.

In honor of my DEcreasing fame, popularity, and fortune, I would like to propose a giveaway of this book to 2 of you lovely people.
You know, in case you want to be able to share the failure with your friends.

We all fail sometimes. Thankfully, all our failures don’t get published in books. That only happens to a few especially lucky people.
Like myself. Naturally.

Failers unite!

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  1. aghhh…. congratulations!!! Yay!! LOL! I bet that book is hilarious. I remember your “fail” and could imagine myself trying the same thing. And man… now you have inspired me. I should totally blog some of my “fails” too 🙂

    Super excited for you – I know someone famous!! 😉

  2. Sharon says:

    I am the Fail Queen–all hail ME! Heather published a piece I did about three of my classic losers, early on in the history of CraftFail. I’m still not much better, but I just won’t take the hint. Craft Denial, it is…I admit it, but I simply can’t stop embarrassing myself. At least I have the two grandkids to hide behind: “I’m doing crafts with THE KIDS!!!” 😛

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I have failed many times in my DIY projects. For my first bag, I didn’t realize you had to reverse stitch with the sewing machine, so my bag slowly came apart the more I used it.

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