I Live in a Vacuum

This post is part of a 31 Day Series during the month of October.

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Showing you never-before-seen pics…

Meet my Vacuum:

I was using this guy on Wednesday and happened to notice my dirt container appeared to be quite full.

So Anna Grace and I went outside to empty the nastiness into some plastic bags.

I am always shocked by how quickly my “dirt container” becomes full. And yes – I did, in fact, take a picture to document the fact that it was very full.

Nasty. I hope nobody just got sick? My apologies if you did. I tried to add a little blurry-ing out effect on the picture to minimize the gross factor.

Vacuuming. It’s another one of those things that aren’t super pleasant to do, but boy – do I love the effects! It’s good to know my little vacuum cleaner {that I got for a wedding present, by the way – one of the many things I picked out but had no earthly idea which to pick} does such a great job at consistently picking up dirt.

Yet another blessing in a dirty disguise.


{If you need a vacuum, I noticed the one I have is currently under$50. Only now it’s blue. I’m guessing that’s the only difference? Anyway, this isn’t an ad for Bissell and I’m certainly not getting paid to share this info. I just thought you might like to know if you’re in the market for a good vacuum cleaner. 10-4.}




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