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As I quoted from the book, Steal Like an Artist: “Whether you’re in school or not, it’s always your job to get yourself an education.” I cannot agree more with that statement. Reading is not just a hobby for me. It is the main way I further my education. 

Reading is the best way to learn for free. Maybe you’ve never liked reading. Let me encourage you to attempt to change in this area. Here’s what I advise:
Find a book on a topic that interests you – any topic! – and start there.
Read 1 page a day. Use it as a way to wind down at night. Who knows? In time, you may find that you’re wanting to read 2 pages/day or even 10.

If you like to read, but can never find the time to do so, here are 9 ways I make reading a regular part of my life:

  1. Find a book you love. any book. it could be a cookbook. keep looking until you find something that ignites your curiosity.
  2. Start an audiobook. Sure, you can get a subscription to Audible or something. But I prefer the free route. I listen to audiobooks through an app from my library all.the.time. (Mine is called hoopla.) Check to see if your library has some!
  3. Go to the library. Browse the aisles. Look at the newest books (that’s how I found this one). See what programs they’re offering to help you read and learn. Keep looking until you find something you absolutely must read. Bring a bag. Fill it with books. Go home and read them. Repeat.
  4. Read to your kids. While you’re at the library, pick out some interesting kids books. Let your littles pick some. Snuggle up on the couch with a big stack of books + a big passel of kids and read your hearts out.
  5. Read with a friend. Have a book you want to read – or maybe a parenting book you really want/need to read, but know you won’t make the time to do it? Ask a friend to read it with you! Read 1 chapter every week (or 1 every 2 weeks! or 1 every month!) and then talk about it over the phone or over coffee. You’ll end up having finished a book together while building your friendship at the same time.
  6. Read outside. There have been a couple times this summer when I’ll pack up my kids, our water bottles, and a book and headed outside for some reading time. Sometimes I bring kids books and we read together outside. Other times I bring a book for me and read while they play. Of course, it’s usually interrupted reading as I pause to referee the usage of bikes, sticks, and rocks, but it’s reading nonetheless.
  7. Read with your spouse. Over the past few years, Jonathan and I have started using a couple evenings/month to work through a marriage book together. Here’s a list of some of the books we’ve read & this is what we’re currently reading. It’s been a very positive thing for our relationship.
  8. Read before bed. Want to start a positive habit? Instead of checking out your phone or computer before bed, spend the last 30 minutes reading a book. A book written on paper, not on your kindle where you’ll be easily distracted with games, social media, etc. This is my absolute favorite way to end a day – usually accompanied by a bowl of frosted shredded wheat.
  9. Join a book club. Check out your local library. Or check local Meetup groups. If there’s nothing around you, start one! Pick a book, ask some friends to join, and meet regularly to talk about it. You’ll learn from reading and you’ll glean knowledge as you listen to different perspectives of the book.

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I’m curious – how do YOU find time to read?
Share your ideas below and we can all learn from each other!

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