31 Day Simplify Series :: how I have a clean house & more sanity {day 6}

Simplify Series // 31 days of Simple // BrownSugarToast.comEarlier this year, I kept getting stressed out about cleaning my home. I would be going about my day, taking care of the 3 munchkins and then I would randomly notice a giant cobweb in the corner of a ceiling. “ew. I need to clean that off.”

However, my well-intentioned thoughts were quickly forgotten when I smelled a nasty diaper that needed to be changed. Then a crisis happened with my son and his legos, my daughter couldn’t find her Hello Kitty purse, and well – multiply that cobweb times a bunch of other home things that needed to be cleaned, and that was my home.

So I did what any other normal person does when they don’t know how to work cleaning into their schedule. I called my friend who has an amazingly clean home that should be featured in a magazine. She said she works off a cleaning schedule. Only she’s done this schedule for so long that she keeps it in her head.

People. I have met superwoman.

I knew I would never be able to remember all those cleaning details, so I searched online and found this little beauty:

the printable cleaning schedule that rocked my cleaning world

It’s a free {they had me at free, people} customizable cleaning list from Money Saving Mom. There are 2 pages to this – one is a daily/weekly list and the one above is organized by monthly, every 3, or every 6 months.

I. love. it.

I put things on there that I never ever in a million years would remember to do. Things like flip and vacuum mattress, vacuum car, wipe outside of cabinets, change air filter, etc. I just sticky-tacked the list on the inside of one of my kitchen cabinets, so I see it multiple times a day.

And now I don’t have to hold all that ridiculous information inside my head because it’s all on my list. I can now use my brain for more important things. Like, “when’s the next time I get to kiss my hot husband?”

You know. Just trying to keep my priorities straight.


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