real life hope.

I’ve been pondering Hebrews 6:19 this weekend:

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

For those who believe in Christ, we can claim Him as our complete hope for eternal life. Without Him, we are lost. But what about now?

What about the daily struggles, heartaches, and perplexing situations we encounter on an hourly basis? Yes, there’s hope for eternity, but is there hope for now?

You might not think so to hear some believers talk about their problems.
No, seriously.

What is the difference between a believer and an unbeliever in the way they face job loss, relational struggles, or sickness? The difference is not that a believer has the assurance that their job will be restored, relationship resolved, or sickness healed.

The difference is that believers have hope in Christ.
He is omnipotent (powerfully working everything together),
omniscient (knowing every teeny-tiny detail),
and omnipresent (always with us, no matter what may take place).

This hope in Christ translates to real life living. It’s not just a distant, eternal hope; it’s a hope I can see right now.

It’s a hope that says, “No, I don’t understand this situation. But I know the God Who is in control.”

Hope doesn’t mean you understand everything. And it doesn’t mean you never cry because of the pain. It means that you always hold on to God & His promises. And the whole time, you realize He’s got you too.

thoughts on hope //

Let’s live out this hope, okay? Let’s not be believers who talk about eternal hope and then live like there’s no hope left for today. As you think about problems and as you discuss them with others, remember this: you have hope. because there is a living God. Let that truth anchor your soul today.


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