Honey for a Child’s Heart – Book 2

Yippee!!!! I did it! I finished another book! And it’s not even the end of March yet! 😛

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I was talking to one of my sisters a while ago and she mentioned this book she was reading – Honey for a Child’s Heart by Gladys Hunt. She was loving it, so the next time I saw her, she let me borrow it. Let me tell ya, this is a great book! This book is specifically geared towards parents who have children in their home, but is also helpful if you are a grandparent/caregiver and have a lot of contact with the same children on a daily basis.

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In my last book review on Don’t Make Me Count to Three, I gave you some of my favorite quotations. Since this is my sister’s book, I really didn’t want to mark it up (heehee), so I don’t have as many excerpts for you. However, I did note a few things of interest that will give you an idea of what lies inside this book. Here are some chapter titles to pique your curiosity:

3 – What Makes a Good Book?
4 – Fantast and Realism
5 – Poetry
6 – The Pleasure of a Shared Adventure
8 – Who Influences Your Children
9 – Making Decisions about Books

The second part of the book is an annotated list of books for ages 0-14. This is why you may want to buy this book – it’s not the type of material you read, learn from, and move on with your life. This is more like a reference book – there are book lists for ages 0-3, 4-8, 9-12, and 12-14. Hunt also includes a book list for special occasions (grieving and loss, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving).

And last, from page 36, “Ten Ways to Raise a Nonreader:”

  1. ” Have the television on at all times. Make sure you put a television set and a computer in every room. (Don’t forget the kitchen!)
  2. Keep the place neat – no books or literary magazines in sight.
  3. Never let your children see you read a book.
  4. Never take your kids to the library.
  5. Never read stories aloud past age two.
  6. Never talk about ideas while eating meals.
  7. Keep the lights down low. Buy only 40-watt lightbulbs.
  8. Schedule your children for every activity you can think of so they won’t be bored.
  9. Never play any table games together.
  10. Absolutely no reading in bed or good lamps to make it east to do.”


Would you like to know how to raise a reader? Hunt offers 10 ideas on page 37. But I can’t tell you everything about the book, can I? 😉 Then why would you want to get it for yourself and your family? (sneaky…)

You can take a sneak peek inside the book here. And if you want to order it, you can currently (as I type this) get it for $10.39 at amazon. And while I love amazon and order a lot of things from them (especially diapers & wipes), I don’t get any profit from you clicking on those links up there. 😉 Those are strictly for your ease and convenience. See, aren’t I nice? 😉