Guest Room :: Before & After

I promised on Monday that I would give you the whole shebang of guest room pics – beginning with the scary before picture. I love before & after pics, don’t you?

Here’s what the room looked like when I started:


I had so many ideas for colors to use in this room, but continually found my eyes drawn to the same colors over & over. My color inspiration came via Young House Love:

YHL painting-room-from-bathroom


lovin this dark, dark, beautiful blue........

and nature.

The crazy early-morning painting happened and the room morphed into this:


I found some gorgeous fabric and made super simple curtains:

both windows

made several flowery tiebacks,


created new wall art,

flower art2

framed some special artwork from an artist-friend:

wall art

and made some crazy easy pillow covers:


After all that, here’s what things look like:

guest room after

And so you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, here’s the before & after right next to each other:

beforeafter logo

As for Anna Grace sitting on the bed…as soon as I started straightening things up to take a picture {because let’s be real…this room isn’t always this neat}, she grabbed some books and jumped up on the bed to read. Cutie. <3

I’m not totally satisfied with the way the guest room looks. For example, I’ve already moved things around since I took this picture. But that’s part of the fun of decorating. You can always switch things around. And, like Nester says…It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

I think that’s pretty true, don’t you?




  1. Christa says:

    yes! do you have their new book? I won it and loooooove it. definitely worth the $. or at least get your paws on it when the library gets a copy!

  2. Kim says:

    Beautiful! I have been putting off decorating my master bedroom, I mean, my husband and I have only lived in our house for 11 years, what’s the rush? 😉 You have inspired me to finally give it a go!

  3. Andrea says:

    I love the color you picked! I’m hoping to paint our guest room this spring and have been thinking about choosing a bold color like this!

  4. Christa,

    your guest room is beautiful!! you did such a great job. I don’t think I would enough courage to go that dark on the walls 😉 But yours and YHL’s is beautiful!! Love the picture of AG on the bed too. One day, maybe, hopefully, I want to come stay in that room! 😉

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