grace. and more grace.

Summers are our busy season. Due to Jonathan’s job as youth pastor, we are able to take kids to camp, lead teens on missions trip, and be heavily involved in our church’s summer outreach for kids. It’s seriously awesome!
Like anything, though, it also has parts that are difficult. Like the part where we leave our sweet babies each summer during missions trip. Times 3. Need I remind you how amazingly awesome my babies are?
I will – just in case you forgot.


I mean, I know babies are a lot of work. It’s true. You lose sleep and sanity, non-spit-up-on-clothes and the ability to wear fun accessories that resemble candy. But it doesn’t matter. They’re awesome. And God gives grace to take the good + not-so-good and overwhelm you with the good when the bad seems to outweigh it all.

Speaking of that grace… I’m needing it in a big way as we go through these summer activities.

Sometimes, I try to just muscle my way through difficult things because I think “there are a million people going through harder things than I am right now, so I shouldn’t even consider this ______ a trial.”

And then halfway through {if I make it that far}, I wonder why I’m having such a hard time. And so I pray to God for grace to help me through.

I’m learning to pray for grace and give it all to God before anything even starts. No matter how small it is compared to someone else’s struggle. Jesus has a way of making life situations just for me – things that He knows will push my buttons. And make me lose patience unless I’m getting it from Him.

God’s grace. Grace that will pardon and cleanse within. Grace that is greater than all my sin. Grace and strength to choose God’s way instead of my own.

My way is one of impatience. selfishness. weakness masked as strength.
His way is love. peace. joy. strength that never falters.

God, help me to choose your way. I need grace. and more grace.