gift ideas for the lady in your life

This week was my birthday {read: way too many calories have been consumed}.

For the past couple weeks, my husband has been asking me what sort of gift/s I would like. And so I made a list of ideas that he could choose from {so there would still be an element of surprise}. I had quite a good time compiling my gift idea list and thought I would share it with you. In case you’re looking for fun ideas for yourself your friend.
gift ideas for the lady in your life

1. this lovely hat hails from Target. I love accessories like this. Neutral-ish colors, but a fun pattern to give your outfit a *pop*

2. because everyone loves homemade ice cream, right? tbh, I haven’t had homemade ice cream for years. but it’s pretty much perfection in my memory.

3. I’ve heard rave reviews about this candle. Is it worth the price tag? I don’t know, but I plan to sniff it out next time I browse anthro.

4. I’ve had a thing for graphic tees lately. And this super cute shirt is just that – super cute. The color combo is definitely my jam. And it looks long. Which is mandatory for this mom.

5. I mean…no explanation  is really needed for this one, right? Especially since it even factored into my love story.


So, those are 5 fun gift ideas for the lady in your life. Whether it’s yourself or your friend. Aaaaaand my sweet husband delivered and I’m utilizing one of these gifts today. Can you guess which one? 😀

We’re heading out to take our church kids/teens to camp on Monday. So today I’m doing laundry, baby food prep, and general cleaning of my house so that things don’t look like a tornado when we get back.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!