Galore: In great numbers; in abundance

This word – “galore” – aptly describes a certain item in my home. I’ll give you 1 chance to guess what that is…

Toys? You got it.

Despite the fact that I only have 2 kids. And despite the fact that we haven’t bought many toys. Yet the sight above is a common occurrence in our household.

And sometimes I just want to walk through a home that looks like this. Or this. {sigh}

But I have 2 blessings for today.

1 – Not only does Anna Grace throw the toys out with speed…she’s also a pretty great cleaner-upper. I mean it. She takes after her mom, of course. {coughcough}

2 – I’m thankful my kids have toys to play with. Anna Grace loves playing pretend with her animals and puppets. And Nate loves chewing on his little teething toys. It’s a good life, I tell ya.

So, yeah, my home is not always eligible for a photo shoot to take place. But I’m okay with it.

Because 20 years from now when my kiddos are grown and gone? I’ll be glad for every precious minute of toys on my floor.

Don’t look at today through the grid of today. Look at it through next month…and next year…and 10 years from now.


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  1. Naomi says:

    Look at today through the grid of 20 years from now. That’s what I try to constantly do. Hence there are tiny finger smudges on my bedroom mirror that have been there a few weeks because I can’t bear to wipe them off knowing in a few years I’d give anything to have those tiny finger prints back all over my house! 🙂

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