the future is bright

I like to worry.

It gives me a feeling of control – kinda like if I’ve at least thought of every possibility under the sun, then at least I won’t be taken by surprise.

Take a couple weeks ago, for example:
My husband came home sick. For days, he had headaches, nausea, and a high fever. He never gets sick. So when this sickness went longer than a week, I started having a worry-fest.

there’s something terribly wrong with him. he’s going to die and leave me a widow with 3 young children.
what will i do? stay here? move near my parents?
i’ll need to run + pray a lot. i’ll have to get a triple jogging stroller so i can run with all 3 kids.

Before I could make plans as to how I would take care of my kids + get a job, I realized I was going way overboard. You think you have a problem with worry? You probably feel better after reading a few of my thoughts. I think I’ve got worry on steroids.

God interrupted my worry-fest and brought to mind this quote by William Carey:

the future is as bright as the promises of God. Amen!!!

Don’t know what will happen today?
No clue what the future holds?
Me neither.

The way out of worry is not telling yourself ‘things will be okay.’ It’s not quoting the statistical improbabilities of a catastrophe happening to you.

The way out is through resting – quieting your soul & relaxing in the plans & promises of our good God.

The future is bright. Because of Jesus.

I’m learning to rest. Join me?



  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for great reminder! I can definitely let my mind run away with the “what ifs” rather than casting my cares on Christ. I’ve been reading the book Calm My Anxious Heart and highly recommend it if you’re looking for a great Bible study about worry.

  2. Oh, I worry, too! Lately, I’m worrying because the baby is breech and I’d really prefer not to have a c-section…especially for my first. But then, I’m reminded that I’m still having a baby – and a healthy one at that. Is it worth worrying about how he will arrive? God has it all worked out so I’m trying not to worry. I have to give my worries away to God daily, though! Over and over again…

  3. Christa says:

    I suppose I could tell you that I know women who loved their c-sections and actually prefer them. But in the end, I’ll just say that God will carry you through – no matter how the details work out.
    I will pray that your sweet baby goes head-down, though, and that God will give you grace to rest in Him!

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