Friday Faves

Happy Friday to you! This morning, the kids & I are heading to a cookie exchange. I’m prepared to eat sweets and suffer for it with Jillian tomorrow morning. {that’s why I keep posting my Jillian updates on facebook – you are my accountability!}

This week, I was visiting Traci over at Beneath My Heart and noticed her Favorite “PINS” Friday post. I liked it. A lot.

And she gave me an idea.

Each Friday, I will post some of my favorite things. Favorite pins, bloggers, finds, foods, reads, music, shops, activities, etc. And to wrap up each month, I’ll do a “favorite posts” on the last Friday of each month. That way, if you missed a post during the month, you can always find it right here during Friday Faves!

To get started, here are a few of my favorite things:

these silver teardrop earrings from Payless. I got them a couple months ago on a “buy 1 get 1 half off” sale. I wear them a lot. I love wearing accessories that are the same color as my outfit. But sometimes I don’t have anything that matches exactly. That’s where these guys come in handy. And, they’re not so big that Nate is going to just yank them out of my ears. Big plus for this mom.

These are my go-to shoes for every day. They’re super comfy and I love the fun print. It adds some spice to what might be an otherwise kinda “blah” outfit. The link goes to Planet Shoes, but I actually got mine for a lot less $$ at Off Broadway.

This little fellow is from one of my all-time favorite stores. I didn’t get this exact one, but I couldn’t find mine online, so I just linked it up to this one. Mine is a faux sheepskin that I found on their clearance endcaps for $8. {or maybe it was $7.97?} I went in for cold medicine {that time I was super sick} and came out with cold meds and this sheepy. I had no idea where I would put it. But I loved it. And, I’ll have you know, since that time I have found a lovely little place for it. I’ll show you after the Christmas hustle & bustle has passed.

Here’s some of my fave Christmas music:


I used to listen to this in college before Christmas break and get super homesick. #notsmart

Now that I’m out of college, I listen to it all the time and don’t have to worry about homesickness. I’ve also been loving Abiding Radio’s seasonal track & Pandora. Yea for free music!

So, did anything on my list end up on yours too? Any favorites you want me to share in a future Friday Faves post?





p.s. I think you already knew this, but I am not working with these companies in any way & they have no idea who I am. just genuinely love these things and wanted to share!






  1. Karen Eacho says:

    The CD has been my favorite for many years! I keep my Christmas music packed up with my other Christmas things so when it’s time to decorate, I pull that out right away and it is played often in our house during November/December. Thank you for the Christmas card; my children asked who it was in the picture, and I told them it was someone who was once a very special student of mine in the 6th grade. I love the family pictures πŸ™‚

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