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Friday Faves

Hey there, friends! Happy Friday!

Today’s Friday Faves is a grouping of some fun things I’ve been listening to lately. Some of them are kid-centered while others are just for me. I listen to these things via my phone or computer, so it’s not necessary that you have a smartphone to take advantage of today’s suggestions.

Also, I get the whole “When do you have time to listen to all these things?!” question. For the ones that are more kid-centered, we listen to them during breakfast/lunch and while my kids have art time. That doesn’t mean we listen to them every breakfast & lunch time, just during some. Basically, whenever I remember or they ask for it. Because I’m strictly scheduled like that. And I listen to things for me when my kids are sleeping. Ha! I mean, yeah, that’s true actually. I love listening to it while doing laundry, exercising, cleaning/organizing, etc. If you find something you want to listen to, you’ll find little pockets of time that work for you!

I’ve been using this CD for my older kids over the past few weeks. Music with Scripture is a win in my book. I usually put this on for them in the mornings – especially if they wake up earlier than normal & are crankypants. It just helps them to rest quietly & listen for 10-15 minutes.


A friend clued me into this recording – also Scripture set to music. It’s free to listen to and download. I like it because the songs stick in my head – which means so does the Scripture. Plus the references are also in the song. So it makes it all easier to remember. I’ve caught my kids humming them while they’re playing and they’ve caught me singing to it too. A good thing all around!

This is Anna Grace’s favorite thing to listen to right now, usually while coloring. I’ve been loving it too. I never read these books when I was little, so  they’ve been rather entertaining. The reader is pretty good too, which was a pleasant surprise since you never know what you might get with free.

Last and my favorite – I’ve been loving this podcast.


The first one I listened to was How to Get Real & Savor More. I organized my dresser while listening to it, so it was doubly profitable. Oh, and I ate chocolate too. So maybe it was triply profitable.
I’ve never used the word triply before, by the way. I don’t know if that makes me smart or dumb. I choose smart. That would make a great printable, wouldn’t it? “I choose smart.” I should make that for myself. Somehow I think the making of it would actually say the opposite, so maybe I won’t make it after all.

Are you a blogger? Link up your favorite finds below with me & Susanna. Can’t wait to see what you’re loving!

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