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Friday Faves

hey HEY! Happy FriDAY to ya!

This week was the very beginning of my homeschooling journey. I am pleased to say that at the time of this writing {Thursday afternoon nap time, of course}, I am still alive. And so is my kindergartener. In case you had any worries.

Overall, the first week of homeschooling has gone fairly well. I mean, Harvard hasn’t accepted her yet, but I’m sure we’ll get there by next year. Confession: I did have to practice some slow breathing a couple times during handwriting. I tell ya, that Lamaze thing is not just for birth; it’s for the whole mothering experience. My kids got a great big kick out of my deep breaths, so that counts for something.

In other news, I got a snapchat {username: BrownSugarToast}, so if you’re dying to see completely unprofessional pictures and videos of my life behind the scenes, well there ya go.
I also attempted to take some self-portraits which was not completely, but mostly an epic fail.
We celebrated my husband’s birthday this past week and he requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I tried a recipe from Ina’s book and it was dangerously delicious. As in I’m sad, but mostly glad that it’s gone now. Because I was eating entirely too much of it.
And finally, I revealed a slightly embarrassing Starbucks hack, which is not really even a hack, but whatever. I get a kick out of it, obvs.

I’ve come across some extremely interesting links this week, so here’s to sharing:



How about you? What are your favorite links from this week?
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