Friday Faves :: let’s talk dessert

Friday Faves

I’ve been away at camp this week with my family, teens and junior campers. Consequently, that means I’m away from my chocolate stash. And away from my kitchen, within which I create all manner of delicious morsels full of caloric content. So, because it’s Friday…because I head back to my kitchen soon…Let’s talk about dessert, mkay? Good plan indeed.

Here are 5 desserts that have caught my eye recently:

Not only do these Strawberry Brownie Skewers look incredibly easy to make,  but they’re lovely and fun too!


You had me at pound cake. Add the words buttermilk + coconut? YUM. I am going to have to try this Coconut Buttermilk Pound Cake soon. Maybe I should run several miles first.


The taste of snickerdoodles takes me back to my childhood. These snickerdoodle bars look super soft and chewy!

Snickerdoodle 7

Oh Lauren, you kill me. How fun would a S’mores Bar be?!?!? Really fun. Both for a party & the waistlines afterwards. But seriously…I love me some s’mores and these different combos – especially the ones that involve pretzels? Well, I think a s’mores bar would be an excellent substitute for dinner one evening.


Along the same line…have you ever tried grilled bananas? This recipe calls for crushed cinnamon toast crunch. That flavor combo sounds super yummy, doesn’t it?


And while we’re on the subject of marshmallows…if you’ve never tried s’mores in a pan, you are totally missing out.

smores in a pan

Last week we had friends over for dinner and I realized I hadn’t planned anything for dessert. That’s when I remembered this easy recipe. The kids helped me dump chocolate chips and marshmallows in a skillet and we served it up all toasty, melty, and delicious. There was a spoonful left over that I popped into a plastic container. And of course the next morning as I was working in the kitchen, I spotted the plastic treasure chest full of chocolatey goodness and proceeded to sneak some bites. Anna Grace chose that moment to ask me a question & caught on to the fact that I was hiding something.

“Mommy…are you eating something?”
“Um. maaaaybe.”
“Mommy! You cannot be sneaky!”

{sigh} foiled again. I tell ya, if you need a good diet accountability partner, just ask a 5 year old. Not that I’m on a diet. As evidenced by this post full of sugary goodness. No way, Jose. In fact, I have great plans to make use of my kitchen to bake up some sugary deliciousness this weekend. You?
Have a {sweet} weekend!

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