Friday Faves :: graphic tee crush

Friday Faves

Friday Faves! And today, I’ve got to share a recent crush I’ve acquired for graphic tees.

When I say “recent” I really mean “over the past year.” See, terminology changes when you get out of high school. A recent crush for a teen is like, this morning. Because it changes so frequently. Trust me, I’m not hating on teenagers. I love them. In fact, I even used to be one and greatly enjoyed most of the process.

Anyway, how’d we get off track? Oh yeah, crushes.
So I think I first started noticing cute graphic tees via instagram. When I started following these tee shirt companies just so I could try to win their free products – you know how that goes? And somehow down the line, they sucked me in to their vortex of creativity + cute products. I haven’t shelled out any green to them yet, but you know, making a little post like this is shelling out some crazy kind of admiration. I haven’t used the “L” word in this relationship yet. It’s too soon for that. But we’re definitely on a “like” basis, even if we haven’t attained “love” status to this point.

I was browsing around this week, looking for some cute shirts to put on my “I would buy this…” pinterest board and decided now was a good time to declare this crush to you, my faithful blog readers. The good thing is this: you can’t take my crush from me. In fact, everyone can have a crush on cute graphic tees and it won’t spoil this relationship. May you gain inspiration. And maybe even a new shirt.

a little graphic

1: This thinking trend tee cracks me up. But so true, right?
2: This ferris wheel tee is just fun! And makes me want to go to a fair.
3: Who couldn’t use a paper shirt in their life?*
4: This VW one is just awesome. And makes me think of curtains hanging in the van windows. Probably some sort of yellow flower patterned curtain at that.
5: This shirt would be perfect for road tripping, no?
6: I definitely would be singing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” every time I wore this shirt. My kids would love it. My husband? uhhh…I think I would be aiding in his sanctification process.*
7: This shirt makes me want to go camping. & eat s’mores. & burnt hot dogs. #yum
8: I don’t really bike. But I still like this shirt and would totally wear it with pride. until someone asked me if I biked…at which point I would have to
a) lie,
b) sheepishly say “no” or
c) pretend not to have heard them and run away.
I think ‘c’ would definitely be the best option.

So, how is your relationship with graphic tees? Non-existent? Tight? Or the ever popular “it’s complicated” option via facebook? 😉
Happy Weekending, my friends!


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