Friday Faves {from Christmas!}

Well, hey there! I trust you all had a special Christmas and were able to spend extra time with friends & family. Today, for Friday faves, I’m sharing my fave parts of Christmas…

friday faves

We began Christmas Eve with a beautiful service at our church…this is definitely the highlight of Christmas Eve for me. We have a 1 hour long service filled with special instrumental & vocal selections, our Pastor reading a story to all the children, & end the evening by singing “Silent Night” by candlelight. Definitely a special time as a church family!

Christmas eve svc
photo credit: Vadim Pelihati Photography

That night, we attempted to recreate our church building using edible items. Please notice the cars made out of smarties & fruit slices. Oh, and the shrubs created from chopped green apple twizzlers. If you could see inside the building, you would also notice kit kat pews & gummy bears sitting in rapt attention to the preacher. Those were my contributions to the the project. {plus the eating of several handfuls of m&m’s}.

BBC gingerbread house

{notice the ribbon cutting ceremony in front…}

As you can imagine, we had great fun re-creating our church building. We attempted to transport the whole project so more people would be able to enjoy it, but unfortunately, it was too wide to fit through our doorway. Sad times.

Christmas morning, we stopped by to see this little guy…

visiting jordan

Remember Jordan Ocampo? The little guy who has needed a kidney transplant for 2 years? They found a match for him and he had an operation on Christmas Eve. If you want to keep up with his updates, you can follow along on his facebook page.

After spending time with Jordan, we hit the road to spend time with Jonathan’s family. Here we are in my brother & sister-in-law’s beautiful home:

Christmas with fam

That wraps up all the good parts of our holiday!

Besides that, there were forgotten diapers,
accidents in the car {compliments of my daughter},
& a busted tire.

Thankfully, our family was more than generous – letting us use their van to drive back home & spending all day taking our car to get the tires changed. Wow. Talk about more than generous. Pretty sure that exceeds the generous factor!

How was your Christmas? Any other blown tires out there?

{p.s. I repent of any previous dislike, animosity, or hatred I have had towards minivans. I repent completely. They are amazing. If you don’t think so, just drive a van for 1 night with 2 kids & a boatload of stuff. You’ll be converted. Promise.}



  1. Laura says:

    I know what you mean about the minivan. We only have one kid so far, but we ended up with a minivan on our trip to TX with three adults, said baby, and all the accompanying paraphernalia. It was so nice!

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