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Friday FavesHey there & happy Friday to you!

Recently, I’ve come upon some great things that I had to share with you, so I thought I’d compile them into a recent fave sorta deal:

1. This book. I’m loving it. I shared a favorite quote here, along with a picture of my baked feta. I’ve been underlining a lot of this book and reading out portions to Jonathan. Those 2 things are the sign of a good book in my household.

the PW

2. This table from Lowe’s. I’m not going to give it a 10/10, because it seems slightly flimsy. Maybe a 7.4/10. Nothing like honesty, right? But I’m including it in here because I just got it for my front porch {which I showed in this Curb Appeal series}, and it’s going to be incredibly convenient to have a place to put my citronella candle, drink, and book. So. It made it in Friday Faves.


3. This drink. I found mine in a 6-pack at Trader Joe’s and thought they would be a fun treat for date nights. They are. For date nights and other times. We like it over crushed ice. You’re welcome.


4. Loving this podcast lately. I pick and choose the episodes based on whether I know the person. Especially loved this one with Gracelaced.


5. I made this wreath yesterday and I love it. It took me so crazy long to make a burlap wreath because … I just didn’t do it. But I’m not going to focus on that. Because I made it and it’s lovely. I used this tutorial and it was so quick! I actually made it while listening to the podcast I just mentioned. So less than 30 minutes. Boom.

So. Not to be awkward or anything, but today is my day of birth. So, ya know, wish me some calorie free cake or something, will ya? Have a lovely weekend and think of me when you eat ice cream. Because you can bet I’ll be eating some right along with ya!

And if you’re a blogger, link up a post of your favorite things from this week with me and Susanna! We’d love to have YOU – yes, you! – join the party! Just link back and you’re golden!

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  1. Laura says:

    Calorie-free cake would definitely be a good thing to find! But in the mean time… in honor of your birthday I might just eat a piece of chocolate cake that I made last night. If we lived closer I’d bring you some. 🙂

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