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Happy Friday to ya! This has been an odd week for us, filled with ice, scant amounts of snow, and sledding on cookie sheets.

On an exciting note, I have in my possession this expedit shelf I told you about here. And on the very same day we brought it home, I sold the changing table + bins that had been in my kids’ room. Wowza! I was shocked by the fast turn around time of both the buying/selling part. That was definitely a blessing from God!

Here are 5 links I came across this week that I thought were worth sharing:

purging the bedroom. great points here. since my 31 day simplify series, I heartily approve anything that opposes clutter. Not that I’ve gotten rid of all of it in my home. It’s a true work in progress. Just like me.


Romantically Pulling Weeds. thoughts from Paul Tripp on marriage. and a link to a free PDF of chapter 7 from his marriage book, What Did You Expect?


I’ll make this short, because I don’t want to gush. And I hate jumping on bandwagons. But if you like home decor and you also like watching decorating shows with no drama + happy marriage? Then this site of free full episodes from Fixer Upper are calling your name.
I’m seeking to exercise restraint by not watching them all at the same time.

fixer upper

Have you ever made something like this? Honestly, I think the idea sounds cool & a bit gross at the same time. But I’m thinking of trying them out. I love eggs.


After sharing 13 lovely storage options with you, I came across these collapsible bins. they’re currently less than $12 for TWO! And there are a bunch of colors to choose from – mostly solid, but a couple patterned like the one below. Tempting. And a great price.

gray white

Currently, the toys that USED to be in my {now sold} changing table + bins are all deposited on my guest room bed. It’s a cute, organized look – as anyone can imagine. So the need for some sort of bins is growing in proportion to my disgust at having toys scattered all over the bed. Most likely, I’ll make a decision over the next week. And of course, I’ll keep ya posted.

Happy weekending to you!


  1. LOVE Fixer Upper!! Love their style and love their fun relationship that comes across in the show. Best HGTV show ever. Been going back and watching past episodes – in season 2 now but have a feeling I may rewatch season 1 again when I finish 🙂

    and love those bins – wow – $12 for 2 – bookmarking them. Hoping a Kallax or Expedit purchase is in my near future too.

  2. Leslie says:

    I snorted a little when I read about the ‘kinda gross’ eggs. I agree! They sound so convenient and the ingredients are yummy…but I can’t get past the baked-eggs-in-a -cupcake *thing* and I’ve read that people eat them cold?? Really?

    I’m sure your guest room is cute as a bug with all of those sweet toys on the bed. High five girl and pull that door to 🙂

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