Friday Faves

Happy Friday to you! Tonight, I’m hosting a Valentine Party for my senior high girls and lemme tell ya – my house has never been this decorated for valentine’s day before. So fun! I shared a picture of some of the food prep & our chalkboard here – that’s the backdrop for our photo booth. My kids have been loving it – both the colorful decor and the fact that Mommy’s standing on the table an counters in order to hang things on the ceiling. They frequently call out, “Be careful, Mommy!” and then when I’m done, “Beautiful!!!” Is this what it’s like to have your own team of cheerleaders? They’re pretty awesome.

I’ve been culling ideas via pinterest for this party {my Valentine Love board is exploding!!} and was planning to make some tissue paper pompoms, however I found these guys at Walmart! Online, it looks like they’re only sold in packs of 16. But my local store carried them individually at just 97 cents each. Believe me – I shoved those bad boys into my cart in a jiffy. I had to fluff them out, which actually took about 5 minutes per pompom. But it totally beat all the folding and cutting I was planning to do. Three cheers!

tissue pom

I always love Dear Lillie’s decorating and when I came across her newly painted dining room, I just had to share the tour with you. She does such a great job of mixing materials – wood + glass + metal = yum.

charcoal paint

I refused to jump on The Nester bandwagon for months because I have an aversion to popular people. But she wooed me in with her witty home decor posts. This one about her bedside box was no exception.

 “I think I’m too hasty in my decisions and have forgotten how great it is to wait for the right piece–no matter how small.”
via The Nester

nester's box

Christina shared a home tour on her blog and this was my favorite room. She made a faux fireplace in her master bedroom. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

faux fireplace

And of course, let’s end with a little bit of awkward, shall we?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I had to share this little gem of a picture – harking back to my very first date with my future husband. In case you didn’t know, ribbons are a very wonderful thing to wear in your hair.
If you’re under the age of 10.

the story of how i met and married my guy

So much could be said. In case you haven’t read the story of how I met & married my guy, here’s some weekend reading for ya. Don’t laugh at me.

part 1 // love at first . . . nevermind
part 2 :: and so I asked him out
part 3 :: sometimes love is just awkward
part 4 :: say yes to gilbert
part 5 :: say no to drugs {especially when getting engaged}

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Emily Freeman says:

    Love the history of your romance. Do you mind my asking where you went to college? Some of the things you mentioned sounded similar to my Christian college experience 🙂

  2. Emily Freeman says:

    Got it 🙂 I graduated from Cedarville University. My hubby and I started dating my senior year, but he was long out of school by then.

  3. Christina says:

    Thanks for sharing Molly’s home tour picture :). I just love her house.

    And Dear Lillie’s dining room- LOVE! Her rooms have totally inspired my master bedroom and bathroom. Never would have tried or even thought I would have liked a dark charcoal gray on walls in a room but I love it! 🙂

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