Friday Faves

A few lovely links to peruse this weekend…

I always find it interesting to read what’s new in home decor. this article of design trends for 2015 did not disappoint.


This recipe has been pulled up on my phone for a week now. The weekend seems a good time to make them, don’t you think?


How to Speak so that People will Listen // I was slightly disappointed to find out that I already knew all these things – mostly from reading Ephesians 4. The Bible wins.


I love finding lists of questions to use for date night. Here’s a list I just found that we’re going to use for date nights.

And finally, here are a few pictures that give a little peek into my week. Several of you mentioned you would like to see more family updates – and while that could have very well been only my family who said that, I decided to share a few pics anyway.

my week

ready for church with my cuties // her pose!! // a friend of ours moved this week and asked if she could give us her leftover food. she joked with me afterwards saying that I was so ecstatic about everything, she could have given me a paper clip and I would have been happy. I mean, what can I say? #food


visiting some sweet friends // adopted Grandpa reading to my littles // freshly washed baby {with our heart garland in the background!}


squished cheeks at the library // tearin’ away at the puzzles {literally} // my 3 boys

So there’s a snapshot into our week! You can find more pictures on my instagram page {@ BrownSugarToast}.

MONDAY! I’m sharing the results of the Reader Survey. Pie-charts and Graphs and Analyzing – oh my!
wait…did someone say pie?

Happy weekending to you!