Friday Faves :: 1/3 done!

Guys, we are 1/3 of the way done with 2015. Craziness.

Here’s a little collage of some of my April happenings…

april recap

my hydrangea has little blooms!!! // lots of Sneaky Snacky Squirrel action // me & my littlest  enjoying the outdoors // good times on the Harris Teeter dragon {which, by the way, only costs a penny to ride! so whenever the kids find a penny on the ground, we always dedicate it to Harry the Happy Dragon!}

I shared this on facebook, but I had an interesting conversation with an older gentleman prior to that dragon ride about my hands being full, if I had one more kid I could have my own baseball team, and were they really all mine?!?! You can see my response here. The things people say, right?! 😉

On to the recap!!
I just finished reading/studying through this book again with a group from my church. Always a refreshing + convicting read.


I gave you guys a little glimpse into our Easter weekend, including many pics. Wow, Easter seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?!


A book + review that challenged my thinking about God, myself, and sin:

the prodigal god

a few faves I shared, including this luscious molten lava cake.


Hope. & my meditations on the subject.

thoughts on hope //

I shared a podcast I recently found + some of my kids’ favorite things to listen to these days {stories + music}…


You know those awkward family chats?
The ones where you learn things you might not have wanted to know? Yeah. I had one of those with you & shared what I’m learning about leaning in.

recent faves :: my new fave cookie recipe, iced coffee that’s tasty + easy, a new book I’m reading, & a way to make fun money:


a little story on scissors, curtains, risk, & my daughter:

cut curtains2

Also, last week I told you I was reading The Hardest Peace. And I promised to tell you what I thought about it. Thoughts coming to a blog near you on Monday.

Also also…I have loved seeing your faves when you link up!!! I found a cute organizational system last week thanks to Rachel and then Andrea made my mouth water by sharing this delish looking recipe for peach tea! I would love to make that this summer! Hope you guys are enjoying the extra inspiration around here!

How about you? What’s been going on for you this month?


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  1. Sarah that looks like Joel says:

    I read “Prodigal God” thanks to your recommendation. And have been listening to “The God-Centered Mom” podcast. Good stuff! When we get back to Manila, I will be planning recipes based on chocolate for about a week. May have to start here.

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