Friday Faves

Hey there! And Happy Friday to you!
Here are 5 fun links for you to peruse over the weekend…

I just got this app last weekend {free for android!} and am loving it! If you’re looking for help in memorizing God’s Word, definitely check out this app.


Sarah from Thrift Decor Chick shared this post about the most dangerous spot at Target which I totally agree with. In fact, she posted a picture of those cute alphabet stamps on instagram last week and I drove to Target that night to snatch some up for myself.


I never knew this tip and definitely plan to employ it this year. My neighbors have a hydrangea bush they let me steal from, so this will definitely come in handy. And I have a little hydrangea plant that will *hopefully* grow some blooms this year? I’ve read they don’t grow blooms the first year after they’re planted – but since this is the second year, I’m hoping my brownish-greenish thumb will encourage them into bloom. We’ll see!


Guys. I’ve led you astray.

For many years, I’ve been making this pizza crust recipe and we’ve liked it.
However. After a friend shared this recipe, I decided to try it. And it’s superb. Very, very superb.

pizza dough

Last, if you’re a blogger, I highly recommend you sign up for The Useletter from Amy Lynn Andrews. I mean, clearly that sounds like I’m getting perked to tell you that, but I’m not. In my humble opinion, Amy is killin’ it in the blog world. that’s a compliment. I always learn something from the useletter and I actually have a folder in gmail to stash them away for future reference. I mean, if that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is.


In personal news – today I leave for a ladies’ retreat. My kind husband is allowing me to go – even though it means he’ll be manning the house + children alone for the next 30ish hours. And that I’ll be consuming my weight in milkshakes for the next 30ish hours. Wait – did I just say that out loud?

Although the milkshakes are definitely excitement-worthy, I’m mostly excited about the time away to spend extra time hearing from God’s Word, thinking, and praying. And it doesn’t hurt that the campsite is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re ever able to get away to one of these events, I highly recommend it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Scripture Typer is great for the apple crowd. At my current level, trying to keep up with the 3yo is my goal. Not good.

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