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The glitter products mentioned in this post were provided by American Crafts. All opinions and grammatical errors are provided by myself.

2 weeks ago, I received a package that immensely brightened my day. You might have seen this picture on instagram {follow me here!}:
glitter card1


American Crafts sent me this lovely package full of glittery goodness and I was completely stoked! Just check out this array of glitter:

glitter card2


I love the different kinds of gold glitter here – especially the tinsel glitter on the far right!

glitter card3


I was pretty excited when I saw this selection of gold glitter tape. Seriously, have you ever heard of such a thing?

glitter card


I definitely wanted to try some sort of project with the glitter tape. See how cool? Totally works just like tape. {duh moment}

glitter card5


I just used a piece of pink cardstock for my card, cut and folded it, then got to work with the tape. First, I cut out a little triangle out of a strip,

glitter card6


then stuck the strip on my card. I thought about leaving it like this,

glitter card7


but decided to put it on the end for a cool graphic-looking detail.

glitter card8


I repeated the pattern on the top and bottom of the card. And thought about leaving it, but of course, I can’t just leave things alone, so I decided to grab some glitter glue and add text in the center of the card.

glitter card9


I started by tracing my word with a pencil, then just slowly & steadily squeezed the glue out of the bottle.

glitter card10


I wanted to emphasize the word “Love” in “Lovely,” so that’s why I chose 2 different colors of glitter glue. Plus, let’s be honest, I just wanted to use 2 colors!

Here’s how my card ended up:

glitter card11


Now, all that’s left is to package it up and send it off to my friend! I think it will add a little bright spot to her day, don’t you?

Have you ever heard of or worked with glitter tape before? What’s your favorite thing to glitter up?








Thanks to American Crafts for providing these products for me to try out! I honestly loved everything!


  1. Christa says:

    hey Kandi! hmmm…I don’t know. They should definitely start carrying it at a crafts store if they don’t already! As of this moment, the only place I’ve seen it sold is here.

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