Friday Fail

Strange name for a title?

I think not.

Remember last week when I was cooking this thing?

And I talked about how I was going to use the broth?

Well, my friend has this recipe for yummy chicken and rice soup that I had grand plans to make. I worked on my chicken broth and let it boil down overnight, strained it with cheesecloth, and then started to cook my rice in it.

During this “rice-cooking process,” something came up and I had to leave the house for about 30 minutes.

Only 30 minutes turned into 1 hour and 45 minutes. (Ever had one of those?) 😉

And when I came back…my rice had exploded and was now filling 2 large pots.

And it’s not just like yummy-flavored chicken-y rice. It cooked so long that it is amazingly mushy. Nasty.

Here. I’ll give you a little perspective on how big that pot is. See that down there? It’s an orange. Yes. The pot is large. And full of rice.

Did I mention I have 2 pots full of rice? 😛

So, for now, I have transferred the rice to 2 gallon-size bags and they are sitting in my refrigerator. I used some of the rice to make a chicken casserole. So it’s not been a total waste. If I had a very large freezer, I could make lots of meals out of rice and freeze them for the future. But since I don’t, I think this rice may just get chalked up to experience.

Because every time I open my refrigerator and see two bags of mushy rice sitting in there, it makes me slightly sick. 😉

So, that’s my fail story for you. I hope you enjoyed it. Not every attempt is a success or a win. But that’s okay. Because sometimes it’s during the “fail” moments that I learn the most.

So, did you have any fail moments this week? What did you learn from it? I would love to hear – it might make me feel slightly better about my exploding rice. 😉

Have a fantastic weekend!
Christa 🙂


  1. Sunnie says:

    It drives me nuts when I waste food from a cooking mistake. I think beacause its my ‘job’, and when I mess something up I take out on myself the most. Like when I leave food all night that was just supposed to be cooling on the counter.

  2. Christa says:

    oh wow – I have done that before! :/ NO fun!! I rushed out of the house after dinner one night and forgot to put my homemade soup in the fridge. A very SAD mistake!! 😛

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