forgotten promises & a faithful God

faithful God

“Hey Mom, remember when you said we could _______?”

“Mama, remember last night you promised I could have _______?”

Because I am human, my children have to frequently remind me of things – whether it’s the agenda for the day, a grocery item, or something I promised them. Sometimes I’m incredibly thankful for their reminders. Other times I can’t imagine what state of mind I was in when I made such a promise to them. Recently my son, Nate, reminded me of a promise I had made to him but of which I had zero recollection. When I said, “Buddy, I don’t remember that,” he responded, “Mama, you do remember!”

This incident caused me to reflect on the faithfulness of God.

God is such a perfect Father that He never forgets His promises.
More than that, I think He wants us to remind Him of them.

Can you think of some of the promises God has made? The first that comes to mind is “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

“God, remember when you promised you would never leave me?
I really need to be aware of your constant presence right now.”
[Hebrews 13:5]

“Hey God, you know how you said you give wisdom to those who ask in faith?
I’m in desperate need of some of that.”
[James 1:5]

“Father, I’m incredibly weak right now – in every area of my life.
Remember when you promised to be strong in my weakness?
I’m leaning on you for that.”
[2 Corinthians 12:9-11]

Aren’t you glad God never responds with “Wait… I said that? I don’t remember giving that promise!” On the contrary, He is the One bringing His promises back to our minds.

Which of God’s promises do you need to bring to memory today?
Remind yourself. Take them back to the One who promised them.
And have confidence in the faithfulness of God – the One who always keeps His promises.

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