Foolin’ Around :: 14/52

The other day, my little girl was eating lunch. Part of her lunch consisted of raw spinach leaves. Yep – I’m one of those moms.

She was doing pretty well with them until she noticed a brightly wrapped object on the counter (AKA: a Godiva gem).

“What’s that?”

“Ohhhh…just something.”


{how does she know things like that??} “Yes, it’s chocolate.”

“Have some?”

“Weeeell. Okay, after you finish your lunch, you can have it.”

You can only imagine her delight. And her face afterwards:

I love having fun with my little ones! And she definitely loves to have a good time – especially when it involves chocolate. A girl after her Mom’s own heart!


Linking up to the photography challenge with My 3 Boybarians.

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  1. Donna says:

    Now that is some combination to enjoy. I’m thinking she liked the chocolate a whole lot better than the spinach leaves.

  2. Christa says:

    That’s one reason I’m so glad I’ve been doing this challenge – it’s helped me to capture so many special moments of my kids! Thanks for stopping by!

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