February Goals :: 2014

February Goals from BrownSugarToast.com

It is with great fear & trepidation that I begin this post.

Not really. But sometimes it’s nice to be dramatic. Makes life interesting.

Anyway, I made this ridiculous goal to share my monthly goals with you and a little re-cap of how I did. Here are the goals I made for January:

  1. read 1 book I read & reviewed this one. And I actually read this one & this one too.
  2. read for 15 minutes to kids after lunch I score a 60% on this goal.
  3. continue my ‘reading through the Bible’ plan
  4. ______ {this was my secret goal. & I did it!!! my goal was to take my guy out on a surprise date. here’s a little instagram evidence that it did indeed happen.
  5. exercise 125 minutes/week. {I get a C- on this one. I did great for the first half of January & have been a slacker the past 2 weeks. I’m also having some random pain in my left foot that makes it painful to walk, so…that’s kind of a hindrance too. going to wait a few days & if it gets worse, I’ll probably need to see a doc or something.}
  6. memorize Ephesians 1. {still working on this!}
  7. read every night from 10-10:30 and go to bed by 10:45. {didn’t happen. I’ve decided that having a little guy nursing and a hubby who is studying late at night doesn’t always make for the earliest of bedtimes.}
  8. spend 15 minutes/day on facebook {or less} {woot! & I told you how I did it}
  9. begin & end every day in God’s Word  I give myself a 91% on this one.

And my goals for February are:

  1. read Running Scared.
  2. continue my Bible-in-a-year plan.
  3. read 32 chapters of Little Pilgrim’s Progress to Anna Grace {chapters are small. don’t be too impressed.}
  4. exercise 125 minutes each week.
  5. finish memorizing Ephesians 1.
  6. teach Anna Grace the first 10 catechism answers. {using this version.}
  7. make two recipes for the freezer. {currently thinking of making this & this}
  8. make Valentine’s cookies for our neighbors.

How about you? What’s 1 goal you have for February?







  1. I love how you are doing your goals monthly. So you can re-evaluate and take off ones that aren’t working, add new ones, and keep ones that you want to keep working on or do all year. Much better than making a goal list and then feeling bad when it isn’t working (for other reasons than you not working on it) and then feeling bad when you forgo that goal.

    Good job on your goals for January! And I like the make cookies for your neighbors for Valentine’s! good idea – might have to try that too!

    one goal? well I have a few – get taxes done, start reading a Bible study book I am doing with an online group – and honestly with that develop a routine/method so that I have time to read whether it be at night, morning, whatever, and do a kindness for someone – either make something for the nurses in the hospital that have been helping my father-in-law or for our neighbors.

  2. Christa says:

    thanks, Christina! I am really enjoying the monthly goals idea.
    Great goals for you, too! And what a great idea to make something for the nurses! I’m sure they would love it!!

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