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Hello all! I hope you had a special Christmas Day! I have a small newsflash for you:



In light of that fact, today’s post is a combination of favorite posts from 2011. Think of it as a time-travel event. 🙂

Here’s a recent one to begin with…my DIY canvas print. I have gotten several questions and comments about this one. I have one thing to say to you:

Do it. You will love it!

We really love having it above our bed. Oh, and I have yet to show you the other piece of art…that will have to wait until 2012. 🙂


A blast from the past…Baby Gap knock-off necklace onesie. My favorite thing about this picture is my little girl. It seems like forever ago when she could wear those little shoes. 🙁 *sniff, sniff*

This is one of my most-visited posts – Satin Flower tutorial. Got an old bridesmaid dress hangin’ around? You can make these flowers with your old satin material!

I could not believe it…but this post is the one that has received the MOST visits! This was seriously the best burger I have ever eaten. In my entire existence. I highly recommend it to you. Spicy. Sweet. Sour. Yumminess. When it’s summertime, we will be making this burger again.

Remember my 50 cent frames I “transformed” with some black spray paint? Yep – here they are in my old house. The first gallery wall I ever did. Loved it. 🙂

One of my posts that has gotten a lot of pins – Mozzarella Pepperoni Bread. You know, I haven’t made this for a while…I really need to plan it in my menu. And soon. It’s one of those super fast and easy meals that’s also family-friendly. Love it.

Who can forget these Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins? Dear me…I do believe I have some pumpkin in my pantry that needs to be put to good use. Which reminds me, my photog friend who took pics of my son requested these muffins in exchange for her mad photog skills.

See? They’re really that good.

October was a great month full of marriage building tips from experienced couples. If you haven’t checked out those posts, you are missing out on a blessing!

Last…but certainly not least…my favorite “before and after” of all – the birth of my son.

He has completely stolen my heart. I’m constantly staring at him, wondering how he can be so cute and kissable. Hey all you Moms who don’t have any boys…lemme tell ya, be prepared. If you ever have a boy, it’s all over. I kept having Moms tell me that there’s a special bond between a mom and her boy.

It’s true. *love him*


So, that’s it for my wrap-up of 2011 posts. Hope you enjoyed this little walk through the past year.

Do you have a favorite post? Something you wish I would post more of? Leave a comment or shoot me an email about it. I love to hear from you!


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  1. Laine says:

    I made a version of your DIY canvas for Christmas gifts…thanks for the inspiration! And just wanted to say that I’m so glad we met this summer, I’ve really enjoyed your blog and getting to “know” you. =)

  2. brandi says:

    Thanks for sharing your projects! Your recipes look so delicious! Congratulations on your new addition! Happy New Year! Visiting from Southern Hospitality!

  3. Michelle says:

    Its so great to see what everyone has been up to in 2011, I want to make that bread it looks delicious, but of course can’t go past the new addition to the family, definately a big congrats to you and an incredible addition to the 2011 list!

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