Is Facebook Ruining Your Friendships?

Facebook is ruining your friendships. Or, at least, it could be.

You say, “What? I have more friends now than I’ve ever had before!”

friend count

Consider this: how many of them are truly your friends? Of course, we all have exceptions to the facebook friends thing. I would guess most of you have at least 1 facebook friend who you’ve never even met in real life. Maybe an acquaintance or a relative you’ve never actually seen.

But I’m not talking about those. No, I’m talking about the facebook friends you have that you see and talk with on a regular basis. The co-workers, church members, play group attendees, etc. How many real friendships do you have?


Do you actually know what’s going on in their lives? Or do you just assume you do because you saw pictures of their zoo outing last weekend? Or the status about their child sleeping in for 2 hours later than normal because of daylight savings time?

Many times we don’t feel the need to ask about others’ lives because we assume we know it all.

But, really – do you put everything on facebook? How often do you see a status like this:

  • My child is rebelling against everything I say! Why is she suddenly my enemy?
  • laid awake for hours worrying about my finances. not sure how I’ll make it through the month.
  • just had a horrible fight with my husband. why did I ever sign up for this marriage?
  • Cried for 3 hours straight and I have no idea why.

Ummm…never, right?

And for the record, let’s make one thing clear:
I’m not proposing we all start sharing our deepest problems on facebook.

But do you simply assume your friends don’t have any problems because everything they post on facebook is happy, smiling, and practically perfect?

It’s time to reach out.
Care deeply.
Don’t expect everyone to share their hidden fears.
Just pick one person & love them the way Jesus loves you.

a friend loves

Don’t let facebook ruin your friendships.


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  1. Christina says:

    Loved this Christa! It is very true as I have experienced this over and over again in my own life. Need the reminder to be sensitive to other’s needs around me too.

  2. Christa says:

    Definitely. I know it’s something many {if not all} have experienced. Sometimes I just need to be reminded to do one of the basic commandments – “love my neighbor!”

  3. mandyBH says:

    great thoughts Christa! I think you’re so right- we do need to go deeper in real life and not just assume everything is going as well as we see on Fb! Thank you for sharing!

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