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A few months ago, I heard about a site called Consumer Crafts from my friend, Christina {over at The Frugal Homemaker}. While I thought it would be cool to order craft supplies online, I didn’t really think it would be worth it $dollar$ wise.

Enter the Back to Basics crafting sale.

consumer crafts, craftbasics daricebridal

When I heard about the Back to Basics sale… honestly – I wasn’t that impressed. I mean, if we’re going back to basics, what is going to be for sale? Popsicle sticks and glue?

I checked it out:

consumer crafts bst

Imagine squeals of happiness filling the air as I saw the dropdown menu of everything in the Craft Basics section:

cake and candy

Notice the blue arrow in that picture up above? Yes – that’s where I sunk most of my shopping $. Let’s be honest: I’m not a great cake decorator. However…I do like things to look nice. I mean, even if I can’t frost a cupcake to look even remotely like Cinderella, I can at least try to present it nicely. So when I saw this guy, I was rather interested:

dessert stand

I had never heard of this specific dessert stand before, so I checked it out at one of my favorite places to do online shopping and whaddyaknow:

other prices

a whopping 5 gold stars {after 170 reviews}, the #1 best seller in some sort of baking category, and cool! Mine was a couple bucks cheaper. Sold.

I grabbed several other things, including, some Hello Kitty cupcake wrappers, felt, a styrofoam wreath form, glitter, and some of these little guys:


Because everybody needs a few fake eggs in their life. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing with them. But if I figure out anything that seems cool, I’ll definitely share. Or if it’s such a fail that it might make you laugh…I’ll share that too. It might be good for my humility quotient.

I just placed my order this week, and since I’m such a cheapy, I picked the slowest {and most inexpensive} shipping option. I’ll let you know via facebook when my package arrives.

If you want to stay at home in your PJ’s and order some craft supplies at a great price, hop on over and check out Consumer Crafts. Their Back to Basics sale prices are on until February 4!

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