Mar 212012

Wait. You have an addiction?

Why yes.

I first wrote about it here when I shared the recipe for Greek Chicken Nachos. In that post, I confessed my {recently discovered} love for chickpeas. I also mentioned that I had not yet found a hummus recipe that was up to par with the one I loved at Zoe’s Kitchen.

Last week, I decided to go on some sort of motivational program (otherwise known as exercising & dieting) with my sister. One of my rules is that I can only eat fruit, yogurt, veggies, & hummus between meals. It was necessary that I have a good recipe for hummus in order for this to work and be enjoyable.

After looking at many different hummus recipes, I decided to create one with own specific measurements. I usually eat it slightly warm with carrot sticks. But it’s also good with green pepper strips, warm pita bread, bagels, etc. In fact, the other day, we ate grilled chicken sandwiches with tomato & bacon and we used this hummus as our spread.

So, as you can see, there are many uses for hummus. Which might help explain my addiction. At least a little.

I’ve installed a new little program called ZipList. It makes it easy for you to print out my recipes. I haven’t changed all my recipes over to it, but starting with this one, I’m planning to do all my future recipes like this. When I was printing out recipes for my recipe binder, I realized what a pain it was to print out recipes from my blog (whoops!), so hopefully this will make things easier for you. And me. Let me know how you like it!




  30 Responses to “Encouraging My Addiction”

  1. Mmmm… looks yummy! and I love how you can print the recipe!
    Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker recently posted..Springy mantel (decorated with yard sale finds)

  2. it is! and yeah, hopefully that will make things a bit easier… :)

  3. I love hummus! Funny that you like yours warm…I like mine really cold! =)
    Laine recently posted..Memo Board turned Hairbow Holder

  4. haha…the first time I had it (at good ol’ Zoe’s), they served it warm. So… :)

  5. I am so glad you have zip list now. I use it all the time for keeping my recipes and making grocery lists. For the first time a couple of weeks ago I tried hummus and did not like it and so I wanted to try and make it on my own to see if it tastes better homemade, so I am glad you posted the recipe

  6. So glad ziplist is helpful for you! Let me know if you like the hummus. I suppose it might be an acquired taste…I guess I’ve definitely acquired it. ;)

  7. Where do you buy tahini? Do you know of any hummus recipes without it?
    Cindy recently posted..Priorities

  8. I found mine at Harris Teeter right by the peanut butter. If you don’t see it there, it might be in an “international aisle.”
    I have seen hummus recipes without tahini…I’ve just never tried them.

  9. MMMmmmm—looks yummy! We LOVE hummus in our house too; can’t wait to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing! =)
    Rachel recently posted..Give Him the Glass

  10. Yum! Sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try it!!
    Paula recently posted..Five Fabulous Friday Finds

  11. Surely! Hope you like it!

  12. Hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  13. This is delicious! Thank you for sharing this today. And yeah, I am printing your recipe right now and can’t wait to make this AND share to the family.

  14. Let me know if you try freezing it!

  15. Hahaha! Christa, I made this Sunday afternoon, so excited that I used TBsp instead of TSp of salt. My lil helper in the kitchen wanted to help and that’s how I missed it. Then I was in a hurry to eat it that while it was in the blender, i tried to stir it while the machine was on and it splattered in my face and clothes, LOL! I added some more canned garbanzo beans and we’ve been eating like a side dish so it won’t be too salty. Anyways, I have been sharing the recipe to my coworkers and they are very excited to make it. :) I will give it another try when we get to finish the first batch.

  16. oh no! We did that with 4 cheese broiled tomatoes one night…I tried to eat them but wow – they were waaaay too salty. :P good for you for letting little helpers in the kitchen!!! :D

  17. This is a great hummus recipe – turns out perfect every time. Someone mentioned substitutions for hummus in recipes.. I’ve found that good old plain peanut butter works great! You can actually experiment with Cashew butter, sunflower butter, etc – but I think PB or Tahini are the best.

    Also, Cannellini beans are fun to use in hummus recipes. They require a little tinkering with the other ingredients, though, because they make a creamier consistency.

    Great recipe, it’s become one of my go-to hummus recipes!
    Joi recently posted..THE Best Drinking Glass is a Drinking Jar – The Handle Does it For Me

  18. So glad you like it, Joi!! And thanks for the tips about substitutions!

  19. This was awesome. I kept the processor running for a while to cream it real good and added a couple of shakes of cumin. Perfect. Thank you. My go to from now on.

  20. So glad you liked it, Brent!!

  21. Wow what a great recipe! Like yourself, my husband and I became addicted to the hummus from Zoe’s Kitchen. After we made 4 trips to Zoe’s in a single week I decided so start looking for a suitable substitute to the restaurants recipe. It was also my first time making hummus on my own. This recipe is terrific, it’s fool proof, makes plenty and turns out great every time. A BIG THANK YOU from the Browns! =)

  22. YEA!!!! I’m so, SOO glad you like it, Danielle! That makes me incredibly happy to see someone else’s hummus void fulfilled. :D

  23. […] one of my favorite pairings with the naan is hummus, and Christa from Brown Sugar Toast guided me in the right direction for developing my own variation, but naan is also lovely with a […]

  24. How long do you think the hummus will last before it goes bad?

  25. Hmmm…I’m not sure – I’ve never had it last long enough to go bad. ;)
    But I’m going to guess you should eat it within 7 days of making. Hope you enjoy it, Brittany!

  26. Thanks so much! Just made the hummus and it’s delicious!

  27. Hooray! SO glad you liked it!

  28. I love this recipe! More importantly, my picky 2 year old loves it, too! He fell in love with Zoes hummus, but his hummus habit was starting to get expensive! I tried some other recipes, but he would shout “DAT NOT ZOE HUMMUS!” But now that I’ve found your delicious recipe, he shouts “YUMMY ZOE HUMMY!” If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is! :)

  29. o goodness, that IS a ringing endorsement!!! I’m so glad you both love it. Thanks for letting me know!

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