Easter Ideas

friday faves

Happy Friday! Here are a few of my favorite pins in honor of Easter next week. Most of them are food-centered. {We already discussed this issue last week.} I’m planning to try out a few of these this week. I’m looking forward to making new memories with Anna Grace. She gets so excited about things like this and that pretty much makes my day!

Bird’s Nests – well sure, they’re super cute. but did you know there’s no baking involved? perfect for kids to help with the entire process! definitely want to try these out this week!

bird nest


Easter Egg in a Nest Cupcakes – Classic. The link for the picture was removed, but here’s a similar one!

birds nest cupcake


Easter Egg Carton Chicks – Adorable!!

egg carton chick


Easter Treats Carton

egg carton


Easter Egg Lunch Hunt – O my goodness. My daughter would looove this! Plus, I love the idea of her going on an egg hunt and not consuming sugar with every egg she finds!

easter egg lunch hunt


Resurrection Rolls – This is being added to my list for this week as well. Anna Grace will love it and I’ll love teaching her the resurrection story in a new way.



How about you? Any Easter traditions you’re doing with your family?

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