Easter Hoppenings

I hope you caught my pun in the title of this post. I love a good, corny pun.

Here’s an update of our Easter weekend in pics.

I love a good sugar cookie recipe. But sometimes you just need to start with a mix. True that.

And you can’t have good sugar cookie fun without sprinkles:

I failed to take a large picture of the cookies all decorated. Boo. We gave several plates to our neighbors, but saved a few for us too.

She loves her Daddy!

We decided to do our Easter basket “exchange” on Saturday night because we got to go to our church’s sunrise service at 7 AM on Sunday morning and I didn’t want to get up any earlier than I had to. teehee.

My little girl was sooo excited! Here she is waiting to find her basket.

Of course, Bearbear was invited to the party. We hid her basket in the living room and she found it pretty fast…

Oh happy day!

Inspecting all her treasures:

She’s kind of in love with princesses right now…

Princesses and candy. Of course.

Daddy’s Easter “basket” was especially fun for me…

I was excited to give it to him because I hid something under the m&m’s. Usually, Easter baskets are a low-cost thing, but he had mentioned a certain cologne several times, so I decided to splurge and surprise him with it. At first, he thought it was all m&m’s, but then he dug a little bit and found his special present. So fun! And his cologne is kinda like a present for me too. πŸ˜‰

We had special services at church on Sunday and then had an Easter egg hunt with friends in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a pic of all of us in our “Easter outfits.” Whoops. We were so hungry after church; nobody would have been in the mood for a picture even if I had thought to take one. Am I the only one whose appetite seems to grow 10X as large on Sunday afternoons?!?

I did manage to snap a few pics of the hunt, though. Whew.

Once she found out there was candy inside the eggs, all her excitement for finding moreΒ eggs was pretty much gone. She just wanted to sit down and break open all the eggs she already had to get to the good stuff. A girl after my own heart.

Poor little man will have to wait til next year to get in on the fun stuff. He hung out with Dad during the egg hunt. And blew spit bubbles.

That pretty much wraps up our Easter week and weekend. We had a special time indeed. I am so thankful for the power Jesus displayed by rising from the dead! What hope He gives!

How was your weekend? Any egg hunts or sunrise services for you? Do you get starved on Sundays too – or is that just me?


  1. Laine says:

    Looks like she had so much fun! =) Have to say that I’m glad we didn’t have a sunrise service…that would be a little crazy with little people!

    And I agree with Christina about wanting to see your easter outfits! =)

  2. Abby says:

    Yes my appetite gets pretty big on Sunday’s too. I think it has to do with all the business of getting ready. We had a little egg hunt too for my little one. It was a competition between her and my parent’s dog of who would get the most eggs. The dog managed to sneak one and bury it. It was a cute egg hunt:).

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