Easter Food: Solved

In case you’re still looking for some ideas of food to serve on Easter, I’ve gotcha covered.

Food is certainly not the most important part of Easter. Not by a long shot. However, I love to have special foods to celebrate special days. It just makes it more … {can I say it again?} special.

In case you’re like that too, here are a few yummy food choices.

For breakfast:

Nothing like starting out with some Caramel Apple Sticky Bun goodness straight from Pioneer Woman:


Wowzers. I’m on this strict 1 dessert/week thing right now. I wonder if this would count as a dessert. {It wouldn’t count if I didn’t tell! okay, I won’t be sneaky…}

Or if you want to be on the healthy side, just start with something simple like a smoothie:

Now, as far as lunch, how about starting with a refreshing punch?

I made that last year for our Easter grill-out and it was sweet and tasty!

If you decide to go the ham route, I shared this ham recipe last week. Super duper easy.

And as far as bread recipes go, I have a few faves. I love these rolls made with cottage cheese

and have also had fantastic success with these amazing rolls…also from Pioneer Woman:

If you want an impressive looking bread that’s full of flavor, definitely go for this Garlic Herb Braid:

Can’t say enough good things about it.

And because dessert is close to my thoughts and heart right now (although not very close to my tastebuds), I can’t end this post without sharing this fabulous carrot cake with you:

I drool. It has pecans in the cream cheese icing. And, of course, there are carrots in it, which automatically makes it a vegetable.


I hope you make it. And if you do, eat a piece for me. I will enjoy it through you.

Happy Easter!


  1. Laine says:

    Here I am trying to be a good girl and lose baby weight and you had to go and post all those pics of yummy (and fattening) food. So, so wrong. =P

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