DIY Fur Pillow

DIY Fur Pillow - step by step instructions on how to make your own!

When I showed you my new Craigslist couches, you may have noticed a few new pillows sittin’ pretty on top? The two teal-ish ones are from Marshalls. And the 2 white fur pillows are compliments of faux bunny fur & my incredible lack of sewing skills.

I’ve been a fan of white furry pillows for a while. And although I could have opted to shell out $39.50 for 1 pillow cover, I decided to attempt my own.

Here’s the unofficial report of how it went down + how you can make your own:

First, get ye to the fabric store to buy fur by the yard. I got mine at Hancock Fabrics {which apparently they only carry around Halloween}, but I’m sure you could find some online.

diy fur pillow cover

My daughter was incredibly excited to buy bunny fur. Fake, of course.

Next, find an ugly pillow. Check. If you find yourself lacking in the ugly pillow department, just get a pillow insert or some stuffing.

Measure the pillow/insert & add 1 inch for seam allowance. {translation to follow}

diy fur pillow cover2

And here’s the translation: My pillow was 16 inches square. Since I was working with 1 big piece of fabric, I chose to fold it over the pillow {see below} so that there was 1 less side to sew. I’m all about easy. Especially since I was trying to start + finish this project during my kids’ naptime.

On all the other sides, I made sure there was at least 1 inch of extra fabric.

diy fur pillow cover3

Here’s the way I measured it:

diy fur pillow cover4

Technical, right? I know. I’m such a sewing rebel.

Turn the fabric inside out and pin at the edges.

diy fur pillow cover5

Now, bust out the sewing machine and sew 3 sides {or, if you folded your fabric over like I did, just sew 2 of the sides}, leaving 1 side opened.

Insert the pillow into your new cover and hand stitch the remaining side closed.

Vacuum fur off the floor.

Admire your new creation.

DIY Fur Pillow - step by step instructions on how to make your own!

And that’s it! Here’s the best part: fur – especially shaggy fur like this bunny fur I used – is super forgiving. So you don’t have to be very precise with your sewing. Let me know if you make your own fur pillow cover!

So, are you a faux fur lover? Or hater? Don’t care either way?



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