Details :: 13/52


Life is full of them.

And yet they’re easy to miss. Especially when you have kids.

My little girl has a new favorite game. It’s called “hide & seek.” She loves to play it with her Daddy, Mommy & BearBear. I’ve also heard her trying to play it with her 5 month old brother.

The other day, she ran to the closet – her favorite hiding spot.

She can’t quite close the door,  but she closed it as much as she could…


and then popped out to scare me.

(I realize this is a very grainy pic…my lens can’t handle the dark closet!)

I know I won’t remember every detail from her childhood. (And, let’s be honest – there are some things I’ll be glad to forget!)

But I want to remember as much as I can.

Her chubby cheeks bouncing as she runs towards me.
Singing when she wakes up in the morning.
Asking to wake up her little brother as soon as she gets out of bed.
Doing butterfly kisses and nose kisses before nightnight.
Random kisses & “I love you, Mommy” moments.
Getting so excited when Daddy comes home.
Reading stacks and stacks of books together.

And SOOO many more. I love that little girl of mine!

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